5 Tips to Planning Your Own Event

be your own event planner

So you have a big event coming up, but don’t know how to prepare for it? If you’re like many people you search the Internet to learn how to do something. Radiance Events, an event planning company based in DFW will help you prepare for your special day. Whether you have a birthday party, anniversary or bridal shower you need to plan, we’ll help you get it done. There’s five key things a person should keep in mind when planning an event.

5 Tips to Planning Your Own Event

  • Location/Date
  • Invitations
  • Activities
  • Food
  • Decorations

The most important thing about planning an event is having a location that’s fitting for the type of event and the amount of guests that’ll be in attendance. For example, if you’re having a kid’s birthday party you wouldn’t want to have it in a confined meeting room. This wouldn’t give the kids room to play or do activities at the party. Securing a location that fits your budget as well as your guest list is a great start to planning any event. Finally, once you’ve secured your location you can set a date for your special day!

The next important thing to have once you’ve secured a location is sending out invitations to your guests for your event. Invitations help provide necessary information for your event. This is also a great way to inform your guests of the theme for your special event, too. Thanks to Canva you don’t have to spend money on stamps to mail out invitations. We’ve featured some of our invites below. Text messages are also a good alternative to traditional invites.

christmas invitations

Next, a party isn’t complete without activities. As the planner it’s your job to act as the host and make sure all the guests get acquainted. You also have to make sure you provide activities for your guests, so they don’t get bored. There’s nothing worse than going to a party and everyone is just sitting there waiting for something to happen. Depending on the type of event you’re having create a list of activities for your guests. Visit Radiance Events on Pinterest for activity ideas for any special event.

Another necessary thing for any event is FOOD! Food will make or break your event. If you’ve got food people are bound to show up. If you’re pressed for time you should always opt for catered food or platters from your local grocery store. For desserts, contact Whitney of Whitney’s Workshop. She makes delicious cake pops, cookies and cakes.

The last thing you’ll need to plan an event is decorations. Once you’ve figured out a theme for your event, purchase decorations that match your theme. Basic decor include table cloths, balloons, party favors and photo props. Radiance Events has a lot of decorative ideas on our Instagram you can recreate for your special day.

With these five steps you can conquer the task of planning a special event. We’d love to see how you create your special event. Tag @Radianceevents on Instagram.

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