How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party

The month of December means Christmas, New Years, and spending time with family and friends! Celebrating the Holidays doesn’t have to be costly, though. Night clubs charge an arm and a leg to get into their NYE parties and you don’t usually get the best bang for your buck. Your Christmas Party might not ever top a Kris Jenner Christmas event, but we can give you the best tips to host the perfect holiday party.

Set a Date

The first thing to keep in mind when hosting your holiday party is to choose a date that’s suitable for your guests. There’s no fun in having a party, but the people you want to attend can’t attend. Now, you won’t be able to please everyone with your party date, so if the majority can attend on a specific date compared to others, stick with the majority.

Create Invitations

Once you have your party date, the next step is sending out your invitations. Whether you choose to do this via text, mail or a digital format this step is super important. Your invitations set the foundation for letting your guests know the theme of the party. Your invitations will let them know how they should dress, if they should bring anything and most importantly the time and location of your party. Opting for digital invites are inexpensive and can easily be created using Canva.

Purchase Decorations & Food

Now, once you send out your invitations to your guests the next step is buying decorations and food. Your decorations will help facilitate the theme of your party. Make sure you choose decorations that match your party theme. For example, if your theme is Winter Wonderland you shouldn’t have pumpkins and beach stuff as your decor. Refer to Pinterest for specific themed party ideas as they have plenty to choose from. When choosing food for the party, it’s important that you don’t buy too much food. There’s nothing worse than having a party and you have to send people home with lots of to-go plates (This is only acceptable on Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving).

People want to come to your party to celebrate your special event not be tasked with the duty of having to go home with lots of food. It’s your job to make sure you estimate the correct amount of food for your guests as well as double check 1-week and 2-weeks before the party. This will help you get an accurate headcount for your special event.

Games & Activities

With any party, you need games & activities to keep your guests occupied. Of course, small talk is welcomed, but it can get really awkward and boring when people have to force conversations with each other because the host doesn’t have games & activities. Again, Pinterest will be your best friend when it comes finding games & activities. You can even get creative and play games that fit with the theme of your party, too. Finally, a great party games is Cards Against Humanity.

Ultimately, throwing a party is very fun, but takes some major planning to get things just right. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends for help or even hiring a local event planner (Radiance Events in Dallas-Fort Worth). The holidays are great for connecting with family and friends. This is hands down the Most Wonderful time of the year, so enjoy it! Bring your special day to life with the ultimate Holiday Party.


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