How to Plan a Baby Shower

So you have to plan a baby shower. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend or family member, there is a lot of planning that goes into having a baby shower. Choosing a theme and deciding on food, decorations and games are some of the things to consider when trying to organize what is needed for the baby shower. Outlining those four areas will help you decide on a budget for each category. Once you’ve decided which items you plan to DIY and the ones you’ll outsource, it’s easy to plan a baby shower.

As an event planner, I pride myself in creating my own props for different events that I curate. However, I can recognize when it’s better to outsource a service to one of my vendors. Amazon has become my BFF when it comes to simple party decorations like table settings and other decorative items (Checkout our Amazon Storefront to look at some of the party supplies we use for events).

Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

When it comes to choosing the theme of your baby shower, Pinterest is an excellent resource. We draw a lot of inspiration for our decorations from Pinterest and our clients often send photos to us for their vision from there, too. Being able to put our own twist on things is always fun. If you’re trying to save money on decorations you can definitely DIY them, but make sure you give yourself enough time to create it. Waiting until the last minute to do something can result in a terrible outcome.

Delicious Delights for Every Palate

Food and desserts are always grouped together for obvious reasons. We have a great list of caterers and bakers that we use for our special events. If you’re on a budget, Sam’s club has affordable catering and bakery options. Jazz up your desserts with cake and cupcake toppers centered around your baby shower theme for a charming display

Memorable Baby Shower Games

Lastly, games for your baby shower are a must. It’s important to bring the fun factor to your baby shower by having engaging games. When people walk-in, it’s always great to pop of the baby shower with a game at the sign-in area. In the game “Don’t Say Baby,” participants are given a pin, and if they say “baby,” they must give away their pin. At the end of the game, whoever collected the most pins wins. There are other baby shower game ideas that we have on Pinterest for you to choose from.

We hope these tips were helpful in your choosing the theme and executing the planning of your next baby shower. If it’s too overwhelming you can book your baby shower with us and we can take the stress away from you. For more party inspiration make sure you’re following us on Instagram.

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